Planning Approach

During the first year of a client relationship, we typically cover all major areas of financial planning analysis. This is done in order of importance to the client and the client’s situation, allowing also for time-sensitive issues to be addressed. Over the course of several meetings, clients become more grounded in their financial situation, at which point new issues may emerge. As we work together with our clients over many years, we will refresh planning work as needed. In addition, we routinely check in on all the major financial planning areas of clients’ lives, depending on the level of importance that each area has for that particular client.

Typical areas covered in our financial planning for our clients include:

  • Wealth Projection
    A projection of client wealth over the course of their entire lives
  • Saving & Spending Analysis
    Analyzing the major levers in saving and spending in the present and the future
  • Expense Analysis
    Analyzing and targeting household expense levels, and monitoring over time
  • Debt Management
    Managing debt such as mortgages and other major areas of household debt
  • Insurance Assessment
    Helping assess the need for insurance and analyzing existing insurance policies
  • Taxes
    Assisting tax advisors with tax planning, particularly when it comes to investments
  • Education Planning
    Planning for and saving for major education expenses

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