Financial Planning

Our financial planning process is based on our desire to meet clients where they are in life. Our goal is for clients to feel confident and grounded in their decisions and to guide them along a path of financial well-being that is sustainable, meets their goals and is informed by their values. 

A collaborative process

We help you manage all facets of planning your future, bringing expertise and perspective to the complexity and nuance of your situation. We listen closely and provide a framework for decision-making.

Our financial planning is ongoing, flexible, and customized to address the questions our clients want and need answered about their financial lives. We have found that clients value financial planning that is ongoing and digestible in reasonable-sized pieces. Some decisions are nearer-term, and other decisions take time to develop because they are part of a broader life decision process.

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Customized services for all life's events

There are certain events, both joyous and traumatic, that prompt the need for financial planning. We have a wide array of services and areas of expertise that help our clients navigate life's twist and turns.

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Tailor-made reviews

We tailor engaging and concise financial planning reviews for clients on specific questions that our clients would like to address and that our expertise identifies as important.

Marshalling outside professionals

We are an engaged member of a dynamic community of financial professionals and work closely with them to address all aspects of our client's financial needs. We can provide personal recommendations to other professionals in our network, including CPAs and estate attorneys.

Education & community building

We hold frequent workshops on investment and planning topics and provide access to ongoing educational content. We also have quarterly open house get-togethers and community-building events for our clients and local community members.