Client Stories

Going Public, Thinking Social

Stacy is a human resources professional living in the East Bay and working for a tech start-up that has just gone public. Along with a good income, she now has significant stock in her company and wants to make sure her investments are diversified and aligned with her values. Stacy is an active member in community organizations and is very socially conscious about her decisions. She wants help to determine the near future goals for her investments and a plan to diversify her portfolio over time. North Berkeley helps her:

  • Create a plan to diversify away from company stocks overtime and includes an analysis of tax implications.
  • Outline tax implications of converting some stock to fund charitable organizations in her community
  • Design and implement an investment portfolio that is socially responsible and actively supports companies that have a positive impact on society
  • Develop a 10-year resource projection that includes a possible career change down the road

The stories we tell here are broad examples shared after years of working with hundreds of clients. No person or name actually represents a unique client situation, as our client relationships are held in strictest confidence.