Client Stories

Too Much to Handle on Our Own

George and Jane's financial life has gotten too complex for them to do it all themselves. George is busy running a small law firm, and Jane works doing research at UC.  That, along with their high-school age boys, keep them busy. They have been pretty good savers and have also inherited some money from Jane's parents. Increasingly they feel as if their investments in their retirement accounts are placed a bit haphazardly, particularly after the dramatic market decline and recovery during the past years, and they are uncertain what to do with the stocks that Jane inherited from her parents. College for the boys is going to be expensive, and they also wonder if they are doing the right things for retirement. They are aware that it might be a good idea to refinance their home but are not sure who to ask for advice who doesn't have a financial incentive to recommend doing so. For George and Jane, North Berkeley's comprehensive approach helps them:

  • Create a cash flow plan to get the family through the boys' college years
  • Develop a plan to save through retirement with a high degree of confidence that their assets will last through their retirement years, with regular check ins
  • Settle on a mortgage refinance recommendation with ongoing monitoring of rates
  • Integrate all their investments into a single portfolio that makes sense to them and includes a capital gains tax plan for the inherited stocks that North Berkeley plans with their CPA
  • Follow a new recommendation that they work with an estate planning attorney to make sure their estate is organized in an appropriate way

The stories we tell here are broad examples shared after years of working with hundreds of clients. No person or name actually represents a unique client situation, as our client relationships are held in strictest confidence.