Client Stories

And Twins Make Three

Mike and Sophie have a young son and just found out that twins are on the way. Sophie has a good career as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry and Mike is a stay at home dad and freelance food writer. Their life is going to be very busy soon and they want to make sure they're making good decisions for their growing family. They own their home, have retirement funds in various places, have been smart with their budgeting but are uncertain about the bigger picture. Mike just inherited money after his father passed away and his home in Southern California was sold. They want to invest the inheritance with an eye towards paying for education and supplementing their retirement but they have no real investment experience and want someone to guide them through the process. North Berkeley's approach helps them:

  • Establish education funds for their children along with a contribution plan that takes into account their current income levels as well as their recent inheritance
  • Assess their current financial situation, including assets, debts, income and expenses, leading to a realistic financial plan
  • Create an investment portfolio that aligns with their goals, risk tolerance and values that helps them grow their assets all the while saving for education and retirement
  • Integrate all their investment accounts including Sophie's 401k and Mike's IRAs into one place

The stories we tell here are broad examples shared after years of working with hundreds of clients. No person or name actually represents a unique client situation, as our client relationships are held in strictest confidence.